About us

Mapinit is a social utility that allows people to go, discover and share places and points of interest

Our vision is to create a one stop destination for any member wishing to discover more about a particular area. The information provided will come through sharing from other members. That's what makes us unique.

We aim to create a personality for your city, town or village. What special places and points of interest have been discovered and shared for you to enjoy?

Of course our members share the usual places such as restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions but consider the needs of a fisherman looking for the best places to fish or the cyclist looking for a challenging cycle route. Mapinit gives our members the ability to pinpoint such places using latest technologies such as GPS devices, Garmin technology etc.

Our members love technology which is why we encourage sharing your experience of Mapinit through social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

Anyway that's enough about us. Go somewhere, discover something and share it with the world.

Take a look for yourself and enjoy Mapinit!

Steve and the team


Go. Discover. Share

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