Dive Sites (10)
Lover's Point
Lover's Point Pacific Grove California One of the finest Octopus-sighting areas in California.... more
Point Lobos, Carmel
Poit Lobos Carmel California One of California's most demanded dives!... more
Carmel Pinnacles
Carmel Pinnacles California The Carmel Pinnacles State Marine Reserve.... more
Naples Reef
Naples Reef offers a remote, wilderness-type dive for more experienced divers.... more
Italian Gardens, Catalina Island
An extensive area of boulders and thick kelp, and features terrain and conditions accessible to divers of all abilities.... more
Terranea Resort
The Point Vicente State Marine Conservation Area opens a teeming underwater world for intermediate shore divers and snorkelers.... more
Shaw's Cove
Shaw's Cove Laguna Beach California One of the most popular dive sites in Orange County.... more
La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove California United States One of Southern California's most renowned dive and snorkel sites.... more

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