Fishing Spots (23)
Trinidad Pier
1776 Shelter Island Dr San Diego CA 92106 Website To the left of the pier is Little Head rock which is where the best fishing is often found. In this rocky area you can expect to find several species of perch, greenling, small rockfish, small lingcod, a few cabezon and, once in a great while, a wolf eel. On the bay side you might catch a few more sandy-shore species including Pacific tomcod, white croaker, redtail surfperch, calico surfperch, jacksmelt, Pacific herring and big skates. ... more
Ocean Beach Pier
5091 Niagara Ave San Diego CA 92107 Website At 1,971 feet the Ocean Beach Pier is the longest concrete pier in the world. At the far end, where the water is 25 feet deep, the most common species are kelp bass, sand bass, several variety of perch, bonito, mackerel, scorpionfish, halibut and, quite often, California lobster. Occasionally a black sea bass (giant sea bass) will also pass through this area. ... more
McNear Beach Fishing Pier
201 Cantera Way San Rafael CA 94901 Website The pier is located a short distance away from the Sister Islands and fronts some of the deeper water in this part of San Pablo Bay. Water to the left of the pier is a good area for kingfish (white croaker), flounder, striped bass, sharks, skates and bat ray. ... more
Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach CA 90266 Website A wide sandy beach, mussel-covered pilings, and an artificial reef made up of 2,000 tons of quarry rock help describe this pier’s environment. ... more
Huntington Beach Pier
Main St Huntington Beach CA 92648 Website This is a huge pier, 1,830 feet long, and offers considerable fishing space. Inshore, anglers commonly catch barred surfperch, corbina, spotfin croaker, yellowfin croaker, sargo, stingrays, thornbacks and guitarfish. Further out on the pier, anglers fish for California halibut, sole, turbot, sanddab, butterfish, tomcod (white croaker), herring (queenfish), sand bass, jacksmelt, sculpin (California scorpionfish), mackerel, bonito, bat ray and larger sharks. ... more
Imperial Beach Pier
2 Elder Ave Imperial Beach CA 91932 Website The pier is located on a long sandy beach, has short finger jetties to the north, and extends out 1,491 feet into water that is nearly 20 feet deep. ... more
Fort Baker Pier
601 Murray Cirle Golden Gate National Recreation Area Sausalito CA 94965 USA Website This area is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a park of more than 38,000 acres. Casting out away from the pier gives anglers jacksmelt and the occasional Pacific sanddab. Under the pier is the area to fish for a wide variety of perch and small rockfish.... more
Elephant Rock Pier
Mar West St & Paradise Dr Tiburon CA 94920 Website The pier juts out a short way into Raccoon Strait from Point Tiburon. Excellent fishing exists for brown rockfish, blackperch, striped seaperch, rubberlip seaperch and rainbow seaperch. Casting away from the rocks, and fishing on the bottom, will often yield white croaker (kingfish), striped bass, or sharks and bat rays.... more
Dana Point Harbor Fishing Pier
24800 Dana Point Harbor Dr Dana Point CA 92629 Website The pier is situated in a small cove near the northwest end of the outer harbor. The most common species here are the typical bay fish: jacksmelt, shinerperch, queenfish, white croaker, yellowfin croaker, spotfin croaker, black seaperch, white seaperch, rubberlip seaperch, pileperch, small kelp bass, spotted sand bass, California halibut, diamond turbot, Pacific mackerel, sharks and rays. ... more
Crystal Pier
4500 Ocean Blvd San Diego CA 92109 Website The pier is located on a long, sandy beach and has neither rocks nor reefs to attract fish but is simply one of the best beaches to fish for sandy-shore species. ... more
Coronado Ferry Landing
Coronado CA Website The pier is small (377 feet long) and although part of it is a boarding area for the ferry, the part that is open for angling yields jacksmelt, topsmelt, mackerel, and bonito on the top; bass, perch, croakers, rays and sharks on the bottom.... more
Cayucos Pier
14 N Ocean Ave Cayucos CA 93430 Website The pier is located near the north end of Estero Bay, and although the pier is 953-feet-long, this is primarily a shallow-water pier. The inshore area is dominated by the larger surfperch, barred surfperch and calico surfperch. Anglers will find queenfish, thornback rays, smaller perch and shovelnose guitarfish to the middle. The end spots will yield all of these, but also more such as Pacific and jack mackerel, Pacific sardine, bonito and barracuda.... more
Capitola Wharf
1400 Wharf Rd # B Capitola CA 95010 Website The new pier is although only 855-foot-long, is rarely crowded with pier anglers The majority of fishermen here are boat anglers heading out to fish the nearby reefs. ... more
Candlestick Point Park Pier
Jamestown Ave & Hunters Point Expy San Francisco CA 94124 Website There are two piers here, one located near the entrance to the park and only a short walk from the parking lot, and a second pier located out at the end of the point in somewhat deeper water. The pier near the entrance is 300-foot long and the pier out at the point wis 150-foot long. ... more
Cabrillo Pier
3720 Stephen M White Dr San Pedro CA 90731 Website The pier sits low near the water and extends out 1,200 feet into San Pedro Harbor; it is just inside and parallel to the north end of the Los Angeles breakwater. ... more
Berkeley Pier
Berkeley Marina Berkeley CA 94710 Website This pier extends out for more than 3,000 feet and is one of the longest piers in the bay, as well as the state. The main species caught here are shinerperch and bullheads (staghorn sculpin). Knowledgeable anglers also fish for jacksmelt, pileperch, blackperch, walleye surfperch, kingfish (white croaker), sand sole, starry flounder, sharks and rays. Most years will also see some large halibut (to 30 pounds), striped bass (to 45 pounds) and perhaps a few white sturgeon.... more
Belmont Shores Pier
Long Beach CA 90803 Website The 1,620-foot-long, T-shaped pier sits inside the protected waters of the Long Beach-San Pedro breakwaters. The pier has above-average surf fishing yielding corbina, spotfin croaker, yellowfin croaker, barred surfperch, round stingray, thornback rays and guitarfish (shovel-nose sharks). Halibut, sand bass, walleye surfperch, jacksmelt, queenfish and white croaker are also common!... more
Balboa Pier
Newport Beach CA 92661 Website Like its sister pier that sits just down the beach, Balboa is fairly close to the Newport Submarine Canyon. The inshore area, along the beach, will produce surf perch, small rays and an occasional croaker or corbina. Midway out is best for halibut, white croaker, queenfish and a few barracuda or bass. The far end is best for bonito, mackerel, jack mackerel, and the larger sharks and rays.... more
B Street Pier - Crescent City
South B Street Crescent City CA 95531 Website This 900-foot-long pier is located at the west end of the bay near the main entrance into the harbor and is the most northern pier in the state. The rocky shore species such as Greenling and Cabezon stick to the rocky areas here. Surf species like red-tail surfperch are also present with Jacksmelt, Flatfish, Halibut and Sharks in the area. However, the pier is famous was catching crabs. This pier has proven to be a top notch spot for Dungeness crabs!... more
Avila Beach Pier
3950 Avila Beach Dr San Luis Obispo CA 93405 Website At this 1,685 feet pier, anglers of this Southern California beach town continue to enjoy the primary fish, i.e. white croaker. You can also catch jacksmelt, walleye surfperch, shinerperch, calico surfperch, barred surfperch, jack mackerel and silver surfperch here. Staghorn sculpin are also numerous!... more
Antioch Oakley Regional Shoreline Pier
Bridgehead Rd At Wilbur Ave Antioch, Oakley CA 94509 Website Most commonly called the Antioch Bridge Pier, this is the most heavily visited pier in the Pittsburg-Antioch area. It is another example of a Bay Area bridge being turned into a pier. Striped bass, sturgeon, steelhead, salmon, largemouth and smallmouth bass, sacramento pike, channel and white catfish, and a few starry flounder are the main fish caught here.... more
Newport Fishing Pier
72 McFadden Pl Newport Beach CA 92663 Website The Newport Pier is one of two piers located within the city of Newport Beach, California, at the center of the Balboa Peninsula. It is 1,032 feet (314.6 m) long! Many varieties of fish reside in this water including popular catches such as bonito, mackerel, jack mackerel, queenfish, jacksmelt, perch and hake. If you get lucky then you might even catch sablefish, spotted ratfish, triggerfish and more! ... more

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