Windsurfing (14)
Leo Carillo State Beach Malibu
Website This beach is a destination for surfers and kite surfers. But, it is vastly more populated by throngs of wind surfers, who take advantage of ideal winds and challenging obstacles in the surf.... more
Crissy Field San Francisco
Website Crissy Field is a world class windsurfing and kitesurfing site, but its meant for mainly experts.... more
Cabrillo Beach San Pedro
Website Cabrillo Beach is the best place to windsurf in Southern California.... more
Bayside Park Chula Vista
Website This is a decent windsurfing spot with average wave quality for intermediate level and above surfers.... more
Lake Isabella
Website Lake Isabella is a favored spot for many windsurfers, because it's almost ideal for the sport. ... more
Half Moon Bay
Website Half Moon Bay is four miles of an exposed crescent shaped beach that when the conditions are right, can produce a great time for surfers, wind surfers and kite surfers alike. Water sports are played here all year round.... more
Santa Monica State Beach
Website Used by both kitesurfers and windsurfers, this isn’t a great spot except when low pressure systems are passing through. It is really only suitable for those who are at intermediate level and above.... more
Point Arena Mendocino County
Website Point Arena is becoming one of the more well known surfing destinations in Northern California. With that said it is also one of the most dangerous beaches, and best left to only the most advanced of surfers. This is due to its one of a kind break conditions as well as dealing with locals who are opposed to the sudden influx of visitors. Despite all of this, Point Arena is definitely on the map as a world class surfing spot that shouldn’t be passed up.... more
Pleasure Point - Santa Cruz
Website Many great American surfers, such as Jay Moriaty, Chris Gallagher, and wetsuit inventor Jack O’Neill have all taken advantage of the great waves at Pleasure Point. Today, it remains a popular surfing destination, as well as a decent spot for wind surfers, kite surfers and catamaran sailors.... more
Gray Whale Cove State Beach San Mateo
Website Named after the whales you can often see near the surf line in spring, only experienced surfers should attempt windsurfing here.... more
Sherman Island
Website Sherman Island, at the entrance to the Sacramento River Delta is the most popular sailing site in the Bay Area for sailors looking for strong warm wind in the summer.... more
Moss Landing
Website Moss Landing is one of California’s best surfing and wind surfing beaches, but it’s because of this fact that it’s one of the most heavily guarded by locals. ... more
Waddell Creek Beach Northern California
Website Composed of several hundred yards of reefs that flow into a river mouth, Waddell Creek is part of the gorgeous Northern California valley. During the summer season, this area benefits off the northwest winds that blow onto this southern facing coast.... more

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