Kitesurfing (7)
Nyali Beach
Just out of Mombasa, Nyali Beach boasts fantastic kitesurfing conditions. A perfect combination of cross-shore winds, flat water in the lagoon plus waves on the reef, make this a brilliant spot for beginner, intermediate and advanced level kiters. ... more
Kizingoni Beach
Close to the southernmost tip of Lamu Island, Kizingoni Beach stretches across 24 acres of golden beachfront. This whole area can be your kitesurfing playground!... more
Manda Bay
Manda Bay is a watersports paradise! And kitesurfing conditions here are second to none! ... more
Diani Beach
Diani Beach is a spectacular kitesurfing location! With consistent side shore winds, warm water and loads of space. Not to mention a waist high sandy lagoon and turquoise clear water. ... more
Che Shale
Che Shale is one of East Africa's first kitesurfing spots and it boasts an average of 300 days of wind per year!... more
Diani Beach
Diani Beach Kenya With consistently strong winds, warm waters and white powder sand beaches, Diani Beach offers idyllic conditions for kiters of all abilities!... more
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