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Mombasa Channel, Kenya
Situated on the southern side of the channel, surfers can experience the waves breaking right at the harbor’s entrance where lies part of the barrier reef throwing the right waves and conditions for surfers to enjoy. Paddle to the south side and surfers can experience the breaking waves. However, beware of sharks as the water is deep right off the reefs.... more
Diani Beach, Mombasa Coast of Kenya
Whether you are a beginner or an expert wave rider, you are going to enjoy surfing at Diani Beach. Located on the south Mombasa coast of Kenya, this surfing spot has beautiful reef breaks. June and July are the biggest wave months with barrel waves in some spots and steady overhead waves along the entire fringing reef. Throughout the year the constant coastal winds and warm waters provide idyllic conditions for surfers. You might also catch sight of dolphins if you are lucky!... more
Watamu Bay, Kenya
If you want to enjoy the waves for yourself, Watamu Bay is the place to be as there isn’t much crowd. The surfing spot in the Indian Ocean is an exposed reef break which provides the calm waters amazing waves. The sapphire-clear waters endow surfers with clean waves and the white sandy beach with palm trees a beautiful sight. It is best to enjoy the powerful waves in the morning as often then there is no wind.... more
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