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Floras Lake
Website Floras Lake is called “the world’s loneliest beach.” Here is a freshwater lake whose sandy beaches are closed in by imposing rocky cliffs. This place has been a treasured spot for kite and wind surfers, and is an excellent spot for those who want to learn.... more
Cannon Beach
Website Cannon Beach was named after a lone cannon that was found nestled in the sand back in 1846. Cannon Beach has a very relaxed atmosphere, as people lazily walk along the shore while gaping at the 235 foot high Haystack Rock – the third largest coastal monolith in the world. Or they’re looking at the catamaran sailors, kite surfers and wind surfers taking advantage of the shallow water and good winds.... more
Manzanita Beach - Oregon
Website Manzanita serves as a vacation getaway spot for those living in the Portland area. People flock here to enjoy the flat bottomed and wide opened beaches.... more
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