Surf Spots (3)
Wommewek, Tanzania
This place is for expert wave riders presenting surfers with powerful waves and a sharp reef. To experience the great waves, the access is approximately thirty minutes by boat. Surfers may get barreled in both small and big wave swells. The warm and clear waters can get stormy. Also with jellyfish and sharks present, surfers need to be careful when getting down there and should ensure favorable weather conditions before surfing. ... more
Zanzibar, Tanzania
The northern tip of Zanzibar offers surfers the perfect getaway. With endless white beaches and palms, this surfers’ spot is located in East Africa with consistent surf. Surfers can enjoy some great surf breaks along the Zanzibar Island coast line. Zanzibar is known for its hazardous rocks, so keep that in mind while surfing wave riders!... more

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